Author: Arlene Haessler, MLIS

All opinions expressed here are my own and are not reflections of Monroe County Government or the Monroe County Public Library. Beginning my third career as a new librarian, after 22 years as a massage therapist in the Florida Keys. It may seem like a big shift but I have always been interested in education and information as well as how to best sift through the multitude of information sources to find what is most useful. After Hurricane Irma, I accepted my first position at the University of St Augustine for Health Sciences. Sadly, I found myself to homesick so I decided to return to the Florida Keys a little over a year later. I accepted a position at the public library. While I miss the more interesting parts of my work at USA, I am happy to be working with a great team and with the public as well as learning how different the public library is from a private, for-profit university.

Module 9 an Introduction to R

R is a programming language that is useful in data visualization. This week in addition to completing our second project we are also, finally, taking a look at R. Before the course started I was so excited about R that…

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Model 8: Statistics and Plotly

This week we are to delve further into Plotly and attempt to grasp the Analysis functions, such as the descriptive statistics, column correlations and perhaps even an attempt to understand Chi squared analysis. My first attempt didn’t work out so…

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Is Information Beautiful and are all Supplements Merely Snake-Oil?

A Snake-Oil peddler is one that pushes a magic syrup or pill that promises to cure what ever ails. Sadly, in the supplement industry, once a trusted source of alternative, herbal and home remedies has come to resemble a well-oiled…

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Module 7 Plotly

This week we are beginning to work with a web based software called Plotly. Plotly has a free version as well as a tiered pricing structure, with a discounted rate for students. Code is also available for those that want…

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Visualizing Social Networks

This week’s assignment looked like it would be fun, unfortunately, after several days of struggling with Gephi and trying to get data about my Facebook network, I am having a rare moment of PC envy and extreme irritation with Facebook….

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Module 5 Google Fusion

When I think of fusion I think of cuisine, like Asian Fusion or music…not being a foodie I really think of music first. I love most music in what is considered the World Music category and B-Tribe is one of…

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Module 4: What is Statistics?

This week the class is looking at Statistics and the differences between Descriptive and  Inferential Statistics as well as Predictive Analytics. In the various readings defining Descriptive Statistics (DS) is straightforward and easy. In DS we are simply describing the…

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Creative Visualizationish

Having been firmly immersed in the “New Age” world, for many years, even before I began work as a massage therapist, the first thing that comes to  mind when I see the words “creative” and “visualization in the same sentence…

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Daily Prompt: Stump

via Daily Prompt: Stump When my sister and I were little we spent several years living at our grandmother’s house. The above picture must be from Halloween, 1964 0r 65…My sister, Emily, is on the right in the blue. Behind…

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Spreadsheets and Pivot Tables: AKA “I’m Lost in an Unspecified Universe!!!”

This week’s Module 2 in Visualization of Big Data started well. I enjoyed the videos in the module. I especially was taken by these words from Using Data: Art of Data Visualization | Off Book | PBS Digital Studios (Links…

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