Is there a powder to erase this?
Is it dissolvable and tasteless?
You can’t imagine how I hate this

I’m trying, but I’m graceless
Don’t have the sunny side to face this
I am invisible and weightless
You can’t imagine how I hate this

I woke today with a migraine, actually I fell asleep with one because it wasn’t bad and my insurance limits me to 3 sumatriptans a month, so I thought I would wait and see. And so I awoke from a not very restful night to the results of our presidential election. After taking my miracle drug and making coffee, I settled down to see what social media had to say and tried to stave off the coming depression and sense of compete and utter sorrow, feeling worthless and yes, graceless. To say I am devastated would be an understatement and understatement is how we reached this point in our democracy. Believing Trump supporters were uneducated, ignorant and poor grossly underestimated and understated the feelings of the rest of the population that believed he could bring true change to the system. Looking at the results today, it is the 2000 election all over again but without the charge of a stolen election. The numbers clearly show a country divided evenly down the middle, with the exception of the third party candidates, which cost Hillary (if they would have voted for her) the state of Florida and several others.

For the past couple of weeks I have been challenging those that shared the opinion that Trump supporters were ignorant and poor. I was even “yelled” at by a stranger on Facebook (see my post from October 30, 2016). Yet, I believe this basic misunderstanding of the motivations of Trump supporters truly exacerbated the division. Calling each other names and believing people are too ignorant to know what is good for them will not heal. Now we must have grace in defeat, refusing to be Graceless and working to spread love and kindness not hate.

Electoral map 11916 0830.png

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