Papers and Reports

Basic Information Sources and Services*:

Papers and Reports

Librarian interview report:!Ap6gMKkB15dDnHWqBuQPCGBdbIp_

A brief annotated bibliography:!Ap6gMKkB15dDn


Collection Development and Maintenance* (Spring 2017):

Assignment 1: A Needs Assessment Group Project:!Ap6gMKkB15dDpU2w_WVbLKxC504T

Digital Curation:

DAITSS Report:!Ap6gMKkB15dDl2obiuM5EC5s1ENc

Florida Digital Archive Report:!Ap6gMKkB15dDmAUNbiJmEe1uTd62


Foundations of Library and Information Science*:

Issue Report:!Ap6gMKkB15dDgjYwdKjNraU-piGS

Health Information Sources and Services:

Report on AHEC of the Florida Keys a Prezi:

Health Librarianship:

Report on a Hospital library and an Academic Medical library:

Information Technology for LIS:

Research Paper:!Ap6gMKkB15dDk1jSTREqyYmLyOvJ

Introduction to Archives and Records Management:

Research Paper:!Ap6gMKkB15dDkgVMmDn-p-ZvL1Wq

Library Administration and Management* (Summer 2017):


Libraries as Cultural Heritage Institutions:

Final Synthesis Paper/Discussion Post:!Ap6gMKkB15dDmgs-jocPCEgkRKJ4

Organization of Knowledge I*:

Research Paper1:!Ap6gMKkB15dDpVX_-cpCV2Sl1zrM

Research Paper2:!Ap6gMKkB15dDoFbWcwGnwpwbnnSX

Preparing Instructional Media:

A Reflection:!Ap6gMKkB15dDkEFvwg4i6gqcgol2

Research Methods*:

Final Draft of Research Proposal:!Ap6gMKkB15dDojX_R0PoBJHT05gp

Teaching Information Literacy (Spring 2017):

An information literacy lesson observation:!Ap6gMKkB15dDpVshT4zs0BThmo62

Visualization of Big Data:

Final Project:!Ap6gMKkB15dDohy55TnfJp79MV6I

*Indicates Required Courses


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