Multimedia Presentations/Projects

Extra Curricular:

Presentation at SOLIS-Student Organizations of Library and Information Science, Monthly meeting

September 13, 2016

Science Boot Camp for Librarians Southeast:!Ap6gMKkB15dDoFqZqCe75_DRUSe7

A Work in Progress, a Libguide on Understanding Research and Evidence Based Practice for Massage Therapists:

Course Assignments:

Basic Information Sources and Services*:

Group Project Libguide assignment:

Collection Development and Maintenance* (Spring 2017):


Digital Curation:

Final Presentation PPT Slides:!Ap6gMKkB15dDmBkYNCxBKeqbOlOJ


Foundations of Library and Information Science*:

One of our first assignments was to interview a librarian, I chose an acquaintance that works at Florida International University. I created a Librarian Spotlight as a newsletter style Prezi.

Librarian spotlight:

Health Information Sources and Services:

Sunrise Lake Atiitlán
The road out of San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala

Final Presentation: Navigating addiction recovery can be a rough road. This is a presentation of a Libguide with resources for families dealing with addiction recovery and those that work with them.

The Libguide can be found here:

A video presentation is here:

Resources for parents in recovery:

Health Librarianship:

Presentation on Biomedical/Health Informatics and Librarianship:

The Libguide:

Information Technology for LIS:

PPT Presentation on the Internet of Things:!Ap6gMKkB15dDk3pu0_lOWNj8__oD

Library Administration and Management* (Summer 2017):


Organization of Knowledge I*:

Research Paper2 PPT Presentation:!Ap6gMKkB15dDpViqZ635-vmsIF54

Preparing Instructional Media:


Research Methods*:

In this course we developed a research proposal in several drafts. My final draft submission is on the other Papers and Reports page. I plan to conduct this survey when I get funding and present my results at a conference for Massage Therapy Educators. That presentation will be posted here when it is completed.

Teaching Information Literacy (Spring 2017):

My plans for this course include developing a lesson in Information and Research Literacy skills for massage therapists so stay tuned.

Visualization of Big Data:

For this course most of our assignments were turned in as blog posts here is the link to that page:

*Inidicates Required Courses

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