MLIS Program Outcomes

The University of South Florida School of Information lists four primary goals or learning outcomes for the MLIS graduate. In the four pages: Leadership & Innovation, Systems and Services, Knowledge Representation, Theory and Praxis I have shared class assignments and other work that reflect accomplishments and skills developed in each area.

USF-SI MLIS Goals and Outcomes

Goal I: Leadership and Innovation

Students are innovative, ethical, problem-solvers able to lead and manage through communication, collaboration, and reflection.

Goal II: Systems and Services

Students understand the systems and technologies that facilitate the management and use of information resources to serve the diverse needs of users.

Goal III: Knowledge Representation

Students are proficient in the theory and application of skills essential for knowledge representation in evolving technology environments, in any chosen area of specialization.

Goal IV: Theory and Praxis

Students have a critical grounding in theoretical perspectives that draw on research in LIS as well as other fields of knowledge, that inform their professional practices including research, organization, management, and access to information.

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