Poetry Month at the Key West Branch!

Well…, the banner and the display are a bit busy, but I am an educator at heart and wanted to cram too much information into one place!

I came across the “Poem in your pocket” idea at Taft College Library searching examples of Poetry Month library displays. Our resident poet and writer, Edgardo (and fellow staff member), wasn’t too keen on the poem in your pocket idea, but I went with it anyway. So far a few of the books have been checked out and some poems have been taken but I would say the “Staff Picks” display on the other side is exceedingly more popular!

So if you are in Key West in April, stop in and put a poem in your pocket or check out our staff picks!

All opinions expressed here are my own and are not reflections of Monroe County Government or the Monroe County Public Library. Beginning my third career as a new librarian, after 22 years as a massage therapist in the Florida Keys. It may seem like a big shift but I have always been interested in education and information as well as how to best sift through the multitude of information sources to find what is most useful. After Hurricane Irma, I accepted my first position at the University of St Augustine for Health Sciences. Sadly, I found myself to homesick so I decided to return to the Florida Keys a little over a year later. I accepted a position at the public library. While I miss the more interesting parts of my work at USA, I am happy to be working with a great team and with the public as well as learning how different the public library is from a private, for-profit university.

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