MeIn August of 2017, I achieved a life-long dream of completing a graduate degree. While many massage therapists are late-life career changers, retiring from one type of work and becoming massage therapists, I am doing the opposite and made the transition from twenty years as a self-employed massage therapist in the Florida Keys to working in an Academic Health Sciences Library. I am currently the campus librarian at the University of St Augustine for Health Sciences. I was interviewing for the position while preparing to evacuate the Keys for Hurricane Irma and afterwards when I was offered the position, I decided to take the leap and leave the Keys for St Augustine. Being a solo librarian has its rewards and challenges and I have been lucky to gain so much experience in my first LIS position out of graduate school.

I began this site in order to produce the blog post assignments for the course Visualization of Big Data in Fall of 2016. I also thought it could be my e-portfolio for graduation; however, I decided on a different platform and set it aside. Now I hope to develop this cite further and try my hand at blogging.

If you look above at the menu headings you will see:

  • Home this page.
  • Work Experience details practical experience I have gained through employment and volunteer activities.
  • Education my degrees, certifications and other training so far.
  • Introduction – Why an MLIS?  is my reflection on the program and how I got there.
  • MLIS Program Outcomes describes the goals of the USF MLIS program and presents the work I have done towards meeting those requirements.
  • Papers and Reports contains other assignments completed in my MLIS coursework, organized by course as well.
  • Reflections are blog posts done for class assignments and more.
  • About Me contains a bit more personal information and the expected contact details.

And here is a downloadable link to a resume: https://files.acrobat.com/a/preview/031d6f27-c4ab-4e50-b200-ac9d53e06b49

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