Women, History and QR Codes…

March DisplayA few weeks ago my supervisor asked if I would like to do a display for one side of our A-frame in the library. I assumed he meant March so I started planning for Women’s History Month. I solicited the help of one of the other Library Assistants (https://bookwormblog.net/) because she is more familiar with the children and young adults collection.

I decided to try QR codes on the display. I haven’t done much with them in the past, mainly because I didn’t really understand them. However, I  thought I could link to the three main areas I searched for titles to include in the display and make it easy for patrons to access the results.

We have been introducing the streaming film service Kanopy so I included a QR link to a simple search for Women History. Of course, the day after I printed the banner, Kanopy announced a collection of their own and it is so much broader than my simple search: https://keyslibraries.kanopy.com/category/tags/womens-history-month. I also included a QR code for search results in our juvenile collection and in our non-fiction collection. so far I haven’t received a question or a comment about the QR codes so I am not sure if they were helpful or not. I did see some ways to track QR traffic and I will explore those and get back to you in some future post…

For the display I included a range of biographies and memoirs for adults and children as well as history and even some graphic novels. I was gratified to see books missing from the display almost as soon as I put them out. I check it every day to keep it fresh so if you are in Key West stop by to see what we have both on the display and on the shelves!

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