The Elements of Style: Data Style That Is!

This week came and went too quickly. I had several projects due this weekend, yet from the time I awoke Wednesday morning (the day after election day 2016), I found it difficult to concentrate and I began to believe I was wasting my time. I was afraid the world would come crashing down around me and there I would sit with my dream of a late life career change and pile of student loans with nowhere to go…but life goes on and I brought myself around to this assignment.

After reading the text and article about the design of data visualizations, I was even more disappointed in my own poor attempts over this semester. I also couldn’t seem to come up with a decent plan for revising my past work. I decided to go back to the Florida LMT file since I have had enough of the Florida Org file!

I used color and labels to make the count of LMTs by County a bit more legible. I chose a style that created horizontal labels too. I did this in Excel, I was going to mess around with Google Fusion but it seems to have vanished…FL LMTs by Cty 111316.png

I felt as though the horizontal bars emphasized the difference between the largest and the smallest. I put the county names in red and used the insertion of data points after the bar in the graph. I think another project that could be interesting would be to compare numbers of LMTs to population per county.

So that is it for today, sorry I didn’t have much left to give to this project. I will leave you with this favorite song/prayer/dirge from the late Leonard Cohen a fitting close to an emotional week:

All opinions expressed here are my own and are not reflections of Monroe County Government or the Monroe County Public Library. Beginning my third career as a new librarian, after 22 years as a massage therapist in the Florida Keys. It may seem like a big shift but I have always been interested in education and information as well as how to best sift through the multitude of information sources to find what is most useful. After Hurricane Irma, I accepted my first position at the University of St Augustine for Health Sciences. Sadly, I found myself to homesick so I decided to return to the Florida Keys a little over a year later. I accepted a position at the public library. While I miss the more interesting parts of my work at USA, I am happy to be working with a great team and with the public as well as learning how different the public library is from a private, for-profit university.

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  1. Very interesting your path. I think is a great opportunities for new librarian and new library assistant like me, to have you in the team, I am learning a lot with you. Thank you, sometime we play like students, sometimes like teachers.

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